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The components of the simulation strategy are complex and range from production, marketing & sales to finances & reports and additionally include valuable economic know-how.

Test your skills in the business world and run your own company!

The virtual online business game

That way you playfully learn how to think like an entrepreneur and start to understand the complex and highly intriguing economical relations and connections. You will experience the quickly growing team spirit, unleash your creativity, share excitement comparing yourself to the other competing teams and have lots of fun.


If something requires experience,
we best learn how to do it,
by simply doing it!

Aaron Jakob Aaron Robert Jakob founded the consulting firm in 1996 Simulationcompany. BIZilliance is a simulation developed especially for the management of new strategies.
Uwe Gutwirth Uwe Gutwirth won with the development of business plan games numerous - also international - prizes and developed the online version of the strategy game BIZilliance.